Friday, November 7, 2014

Miss Kaydee Kelly... A Birth Story

                  Wow. I have been  awful at this whole blogging thing! I thought I had better write down Kaydee's birth story before I forget to many precious details!  
Kaydee Kelly was born 10/4/14  at 4:06 am at Portneuf Medical Hospital 
She weighed 7 lb 8 oz 20.5 inches long. 
born  38.3 days gestation.

This picture was taken the day I went into labor.

 I was being monitored since 36 weeks. Here are some pretty pictures of me going in for Non stress tests. She passed with flying colors every time.

I went in for my 38 week check on Wednesday. I was secretly hoping he wouldn't check to see if I was dilated or not because I was already grumpy and didn't feel like having someone stick their hand up my whoo haa and put me in more pain. I am not kidding. I was grumpy. The last trimester was really hard on my body. Doing hygiene 4 days a week was starting to wear on Anyways, we get to the end of the apt and he grabs the cover up and says, Oh ya, let's check you and then we can schedule an induction for next week. Grrr. He was joking with my husband about me being grumpy throughout the apt and I wanted to laugh when he came back in and said, "Do you want to hurt me now or later?" I replied to him that I would prefer to hurt him after he delivers my baby. I kinda like my OB. =) I was almost postive I was no where close to being dialated because I hadn't felt any contractions, not even braxton hicks. He said ehhh you are a 2 and softening. Well he spent a lot of time up there and it was extremely uncomfortable. (I think he secretly stripped my membranes) . Then he called the hospital and scheduled an induction for the following Wednesday (and he would strip my membranes the day before). 

Well we had a lot to do still before the little one got here. It was conference weekend, so we decided that we would take that time to get everything washed, organized etc. Friday I got up and had my check list of everything I needed to do. I started having some little pains in my belly around 4 ish. I thought it was just me walking around too much. When I was in Walmart I noticed that they were still happening and that I actually had to stop during the pain and kinda say ow. I also noticed they were becoming more regular. I figured they were braxton hicks. So they should be going away. Well I finished the things on my list to do then went home and Nick and I went and got Costa Vida (our weekly ritual). When we got home I told Nick that I have been having contractions but I don't think it was anything serious. I joked with him how I thought it would be funny if we had a baby tonight. He just kinda said ya right and didn't believe me. Well the contractions never went away and they were getting closer together it felt like. So I downloaded an app that helped me track them. They were about 4-5 min apart lasting about a minute.  We decided to go get ice cream with Nick's sisters and they kept getting stronger and stronger gradually. I had to start holding my breath through them. After that we went to my mom's house to borrow her sewing machine so I could sew Kaydee's carseat cover. It was about 10 pm, and when I walked in I had a really strong contraction and headed for the bathroom as to not alarm my parents. My dad asked me if I was OK. I said ooo yeah. We sat and chatted with my parents and at this point they were getting pretty sore and coming about every 3-4 min and lasting 1 min and 30 sec. My mom caught me when I was making a funny face and asked if I was having contractions. I caved. I said I think so? But I wasn't sure. I always pictured labor contractions like in the movies... ya know the women who are screaming their heads off on the way to the hospital. I was not there... yet. I decided to call the hospital just in case. They said I could go up and they would check me if I wanted. I decided to go home and do some dishes and then decide if they were still coming. Well on the way home, I decided I had better just go to the hospital now and have them check me. Nick said well let's go home and pack a bag just in case. I said OK, but I'm pretty sure they are just gonna send me home. So we went home and as soon as I got out of the truck I said, no we had better go now. They were painful and I couldn't walk. I hurried and packed a bag for me ( Kaydee's was already packed) and we hurried there. On the way there, they were getting pretty un bearable. They checked me in, and got me all hooked up. The resident came and checked me and I was at a 5 with a bulging bag of waters and I was not going anywhere. I was so shocked! It was so surreal. They asked me if I wanted to get the epidural now because the anesthesiologist just did one down the hall. I said well I think I'm OK for now, but maybe soon? I didn't expect things to move so quick. She said I'll take your blood to the lab and when we get it back then we can get you started on an epidual. Well, they took FOREVER it seemed like. Apparently it was only like 30 min. By then I was about to scream for the nurse because it was so painful. The resident came in and checked me and I was at an 8! I was so scared they were not going to be able to give me an epidural. Right after that (thank goodness) the anesthesiologist came in and decided it be best to do an intra thecal ( best for moving so quickly) but to give a catheter just in case it takes longer than 2-3 hours to give birth. So when I was getting ready to lay back down from getting the intrathecal I felt a gush of water ( like a LOT of water) My water had broke! They were surprised there was so much fluid. The epidural slowed things down a bit. They checked me again and I was at a 9.5 but couldn't push yet because there was just a little bit of cervix all the way around. So we waited for 3-4 hours. They had to give me pictocin and kept increasing it. FInally my doctor came in to check me and found out why I hadn't progressed. Apparently I had another bag of waters that didn't break? Or extra fluid that was still up there? or something like that. So he broke it, and then said, alright time to push! Ahh are you serious?! I was so nervous! They all just kinda stared at me, and I was like, well, do you want me to push? The doctor said, sure if you want to? All calm like. 
So I pushed through about 3-4 contractions and there she was! 
All I could do was cry. 
I heard those joyful cries coming from the lungs of my precious baby girl.
It was honestly the best day of my life.
I am so grateful for the special relationship I had with my OB. He just sat there and gleamed at this little girl. (the crew in the hallway said he came out wiping tears from his eyes)
And Nick.
The smile on his face was priceless. 
This little girl was so wrapped around his little finger. 
I was speechless and I just stared at her. I didn't want to comfort her crying. I longed 2 years to hear this account of life.  
I can't put into words the feeling I have for this little girl. 
She has brightened up the darkest days. 
Truely a miracle. 
In that room I felt the closest I have ever felt to Heaven. A spirit filled the room and it just felt like Heavenly Father was giving us a big hug. Madden's spirit was present and it was the most amazing feeling.

**I have more photos from the delivery, but some of them are, well, graphic, so I need to edit some things out before I post them.

Here are some photos of our sweet babe. Since our babe just turned 1 month, I'll write a post just about that. (hopefully sooner rather than later!)

                                    *PS: This cradle in the above picture, my father in law made. Isn't it just beautiful? Kaydee sleeps in it beautifully. It glides back and forth so it's really nice to rock in the middle of the night with both eyes shut ;)

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  1. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful !! I am obsessed with this. What a beautiful story!